chris barr


Kaizo Mario and Quantum Physics

Want to see one of the hardest games ever created?  Someone modified the levels of Super Mario World to be incredibly hard, and they call it “Kaizo Mario”.  Here’s level one being played

Now if you want to see something even crazier, how about 134 people playing that level at the same time?  That’s right, 134 different plays of this level all superimposed on top of each other.

For a better explanation of that video, and what it has to do with quantum physics, you’d be better off reading the creators homepage:

How to Deal with Junk Mail

Do you get junk mail every day from credit card companies? I sure do, sometimes multiple offers each day! I’ve decided to write a simple tutorial on how to easily deal with your junk mail. Sure you could easily just throw it away, but that’s not secure and not the least bit fun.

Step 1 – Recieve Junk Mail » This is the easiest step. Just check your mailbox and you’re bound to find some. Open the envelope and make sure it contains a business reply envelope.


Step 2 – Tear it Up » Now comes the fun part. Set aside the business reply envelope, and tear up everything else into small pieces. This means the original containing envelope as well.


Step 3 – The Transfer» Now, take all the pieces you’ve torn up and put them into the business reply envelope.


Step 4 – Make it Fit » Now this is a lot of stuff to put in such a small envelope, but you can make it fit – I believe in you. Use tape if you have to.


Step 5 – Repeat » I got two credit card offers in one day, so I was able to send both companies their papers back, because they want them back and all I’m trying to do is help.


Step 6 – Send it » Now put them in the mailbox so that they can return to their rightful owners. Make sure you put the flag up on your mailbox!