How to Deal with Junk Mail

Do you get junk mail every day from credit card companies? I sure do, sometimes multiple offers each day! I’ve decided to write a simple tutorial on how to easily deal with your junk mail. Sure you could easily just throw it away, but that’s not secure and not the least bit fun.

Step 1 – Recieve Junk Mail » This is the easiest step. Just check your mailbox and you’re bound to find some. Open the envelope and make sure it contains a business reply envelope.


Step 2 – Tear it Up » Now comes the fun part. Set aside the business reply envelope, and tear up everything else into small pieces. This means the original containing envelope as well.


Step 3 – The Transfer» Now, take all the pieces you’ve torn up and put them into the business reply envelope.


Step 4 – Make it Fit » Now this is a lot of stuff to put in such a small envelope, but you can make it fit – I believe in you. Use tape if you have to.


Step 5 – Repeat » I got two credit card offers in one day, so I was able to send both companies their papers back, because they want them back and all I’m trying to do is help.


Step 6 – Send it » Now put them in the mailbox so that they can return to their rightful owners. Make sure you put the flag up on your mailbox!


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