chris barr



Well, I’ve been on the job search for about a month now and it’s finally over.  I love being part of Eject Media, but it just hasn’t been netting me enough money, and when it does the work can be inconsistent.  I plan to stay with it though, so don’t worry!

Last Wednesday I sent out about 15 nicely printed resumé‘s and cover letters to various companies.  On Friday of that week I got a call back from Cyber Sytes saying they wanted to meet with me soon….like the coming Monday.  I went in, met with everyone (literally), and they offered me a job as a web designer on the spot!  That was yesterday, and today was my first day there.

So far so good, I’ve got one day under my belt for now.  Ironically when I start my first major project tomorrow it will be for a company I interviewed with several weeks ago and was turned down for!