chris barr


Five Words That Will Rock Your World

My church asked me to make a quick video intro for a new 5 week sermon series titled “Five Words That Will Rock Your World.” The graphics were already made, I just had to animate it somehow. It’s been a while since I last touched Adobe After Effects, but I think I came up with something pretty decent.

I originally made this as a standard 4:3 video at 720×480 to fit on the projector screens at church, but I decided to re-render this in 16:9 720p HD so I can have a good archival copy for my portfolio and just so it looks great online. The original 4:3 video took roughly 5 hours to render out on my MacBook Pro (which I had to do 3 times due to various mistakes and errors!) and the larger 720p version took 10 hours!

The music is “Life Inside You” by Matthew West from his album Something To Say (Amazon MP3 download page)

Five Words That Will Rock Your World from Chris Barr on Vimeo.

Great Videos I Like

Here’s some great videos I’ve found recently. This first one is a short documentary by Northern Lights about a still working 8,000 pound analog letterpress called the Kludge. Beautifully filmed!

This is a great music video by McBess – I’m overly impressed that they not only made the animations, but also the music! Everything here was made by them (or this one guy, I can’t tell how many people…)

Another great music video for Death Cab for Cutie’s song “Little Bribes”, but this one’s made by Ross Ching. Really catchy song, which is really enhanced by this awesome stop motion/time lapse video.

Lastly, a series of time lapse video from Tokyo.