Great Videos I Like

Here’s some great videos I’ve found recently. This first one is a short documentary by Northern Lights about a still working 8,000 pound analog letterpress called the Kludge. Beautifully filmed!

This is a great music video by McBess – I’m overly impressed that they not only made the animations, but also the music! Everything here was made by them (or this one guy, I can’t tell how many people…)

Another great music video for Death Cab for Cutie’s song “Little Bribes”, but this one’s made by Ross Ching. Really catchy song, which is really enhanced by this awesome stop motion/time lapse video.

Lastly, a series of time lapse video from Tokyo.

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  1. Gry dla Dzieci says:

    Wow, these are amazing. Especially Kludge – there is something majestic in the works of this “ancient” machine. Majestic and mesmerizing.

  2. Odzysk Danych says:

    I love those “night city” shots. There’s just something so familiar yet so futuristic about them. Can’t quite put my finger on it but I know it’s awesome!

  3. Hurtownia Tkanin says:

    Video from McBess is outstanding! The both layers made me open my eyes wider and wider. The music is simple and very rock’n’rollish, the guitar parts are great, very nice music production indeed. The animation makes even bigger impression. The character figures are original (obvious reference to the figures created in the 30s by warner bros studio, the faces are similar but not the same) animation very smooth and creative. This artist is very skilful and I hope that I would see him shortly on tv ad hear on the radio.

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