chris barr


Africa Recap & Questionnaire

Back in July I was blessed enough to be able to be part of a mission to Togo, West Africa through Mentor Leaders which was amazing experience! During one of our flight delays on the trip back home, a friend of mine go to talking with a man in front of him in line. This man turned out to be the missions pastor of a church in West Virginia! Ever since then the two of them have stayed in touch. It’s amazing how God even uses delayed flight to work His will! This pastor and his church are considering supporting Mentor Leaders in future endeavors, but first wanted to get an idea about what this past trip was like for the people who went. So they made a brief questionnaire for us to fill out and return to them. I was surprised at how much I liked what I wrote to them, plus I haven’t written anything about my experiences in Africa on my blog yet; so I’ve included it below.
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