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Rumble By The River – Photos & Videos

My fiancé, Kirstin, regularly attends a CrossFit class, and about 2 weeks ago she and many of her classmates traveled to Columbus Georgia to participate in an event called The Rumble By The River.  The event was long (about 9 hours) and it looked like quite a challenge.  It started off with a whitewater rafting & row, then a run for several miles.  Later on in the dat teams would switch out competing of various weightlifting challenges, and then finally an intense full-body timed workout.

Even though I don’t attend that CrossFit group, I tagged along only planning on taking a few photos of Kirstin and cheering her along.  Somehow I got talked into being one of the unofficial event photographers, so I took way more photos than I had planned.  Since it was such a fun and unique event, I decided to put my camera in video mode and make a quick video of what it was like at the event.  A small sampling is below!



I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately, but I’ve also been a bit busy.  About 2 months ago (on July 14th, 2013) I asked my girlfriend of 2 years to marry me! We took a vacation to Savannah Georgia for a week, and one day while we were in Tybee Island we went up to the top of the lighthouse and I asked her to marry me there… and of course she said yes. Side note: if you get a chance to visit Savannah, do it. It’s an absolutely gorgeous city.

Currently I still live in Pensacola, Florida and she lives in Rome, Georgia. We still have lot of “life” stuff to figure out as well as all the normal wedding stuff. But for the time being we are excited for our future together!