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2015 Photo Project – February In Review

Pine Mountain

February – Photo #4 -02/14/2015
Location: Top of Pine Mountain in Cartersville, GA.
Camera: Canon 7D w/ Canon 16-28mm 2.8L Lens.
Settings: Several photos taken with 1/200 second @ f/5, ISO 100, no flash. Stitched together in Photoshop.


February – Photo #5 – 02/15/2015
Subject: My wife, Kirstin
Camera: Canon 7D w/ Canon 16-28mm 2.8L Lens.
Settings: 1/640 second @ f/2.8, ISO 100, no flash.

Snow Day

February – Photo #6 – 02/24/2015
Camera: Canon 7D w/ Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens.
Settings: 1/320 second @ f/1.8, ISO 400, no flash.

2015 Photo Project – January In Review

You may recall that I’ve decided to take at least 1 photo per month for all of 2015, and the first month of 2015 has already passed us by.  So below are my best photos for the month along with some quick info about them.  Let me know what you think!  I’ve gotta start getting some ideas for February now…

Streaming By

January – Photo #1 -01/11/2015
Location: Cartersille, GA.
Camera: Canon 7D w/ Canon 16-28mm 2.8L Lens
Settings: 145 seconds at f/22, ISO 100, no flash.

Foggy Midtown Morning

January – Photo #2 -01/13/2015
Location: Midtown Atlanta, GA. 8th floor of the Regions bank building.
Camera: Canon 7D w/ Canon 16-28mm 2.8L Lens.
Settings: 120 seconds at f/22, ISO 100, no flash.

Disappearing Into The Sky

January – Photo #3 -01/13/2015
Location: Midtown Atlanta, GA.
Camera: iPhone 6, edited with Mextures app.

Portrait Session – Mika Watson & Family

A few weeks ago Mika, a coworker of mine, came to me asking to shoot some family portraits before I moved away to Atlanta; and I was happy to be their photographer! We met out at the Fort Pickens National Park one day in the early afternoon, and we had a lot of fun exploring the fort for nice backdrops, and just goofing around. They were a blast to shoot, and a rather photogenic bunch!

Here are a few of my favorites form the session.








Portrait Session – Lanessa Hunter

My full time job is working as a web developer & designer, before any of our code goes into production we have a team of software testers that makes sure the things we worked on are working correctly. Lanessa is our main software tester at work, and she has an upcoming speaking gig for a conference in New York where she needed a headshot. I was more than happy to be her photographer when she asked me a few months ago (I’m just slow getting this blog post together!)

I went over to her house and we were able to shoot everything in her backyard with her wonderful garden in the background for nearly every shot. This is a small sampling of some of my favorites some the session.




Steven Curtis Chapman Concert

Wow, it’s been a long while since my last post. I’ve been super busy with wedding preparations and such, but I hope to be posting more photography and/or code things here in the near future when I find the time to work on them. Now, onto this post:

My church recently was able to host the amazing Steven Curtis Chapman in concert this past week, and I was asked to be the event photographer! He is currently on the Glorious Unfolding Tour, going around the country with The Afters and Josh Wilson. Going into this I wasn’t familiar at all with the names of the opening acts, but after hearing a few songs I realized I’ve most certainly heard their music before.  All in all, a really fantastic show that I was very happy to play a small part in.

I love concert photography and it’s something I don’t get to do often enough. I always enjoy running up and down the aisles during a live show, I can go pretty much wherever I want and no one bats an eye as long as I’ve got the badge hanging around my neck.  I get to enjoy the music, but I also get a front row seat if I want it.  Oh, and eople watching. Lots of people watching.

Anyways, here’s a small sampling of some of my favorite shots from the night.