chris barr



Lyric Converter

Screenshot: Lyric Converter
Many churches use software to present song lyrics on the screen, and more and more are moving from SongShowPlus to ProPresenter. The software is great, but neither one provides a way to export or import songs from either file format. I decided that it was ridiculous that one didn’t exist, so I wrote one. Now all your SongShowPlus files can be converted to ProPresenter file at!

How Many Eves?

Screenshot: How Many Eves
You know that the day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve, right? So the day before that would be “Christmas Eve Eve”… I’m sure you see where this is headed by now. I know it’s a simple and dumb idea, but it’s fun. Head over to to see how many eves it is until Christmas!

I’ve got a lot more stuff over on my GitHub page, so go check it out!