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About The Video
In July of 2010 I traveled with a group of friends to Togo, West Africa for two weeks. While there we travelled all over the country and stayed for 3 days in two different villages. While there we had something like a day camp, and then at night we shared the message of Jesus Christ and helped establish churches in these communities.

The first village had a water well and was a pleasure to stay in compared to the second village which had no source of clean water at all. Life is difficult for these people as they deal with deaths and diseases. Many of us will be returning in the Summer of 2011 to help them get a clean water source and to establish an orphanage.

About The Video
In July of 2010 I went on a mission trip with a group of people to Togo, Africa. We visited two villages, the last of which has no access to clean water at all; the situation is dire.

David Whetstone of Mentor Leaders describes our experience living in this village for three days.

Very soon Mentor Leaders will have acquired enough funds to provide a well with clean drinking water for this village

Shot with a Canon 7D – 50mm f/1.8 lens
Music: “Touch The Sky” by Iambic²

About The Video
Almost every decent photo I took in 2010. This includes several weddings, a trip to Togo Africa, and a daily photo I took every single day of the year.

My 2010 daily photo blog is located at

HD and full screen is recommended!

About The Video
A quick teaser video a shot for a song in mid-production. The song is called “Run To You” and was written my Robert Gilliard and Leah Taylor. Audio Production by Dave Sands.

Dave needed a small choir for one portion of the song, so we figured the Halloween party at his house was a good a time as any!

Shot on a Canon 7D with a 28-135mm lens at f/3.5

About The Video
This is a roll-in video for a 5 week sermon series at my church.

Originally made for our standard projectors, but I re-rendered it out at 720p. It took 10 hours to render this on my little MacBook Pro!

The music is “Life Inside You” by Matthew West.

About The Video
This is a 5 minute countdown video I made for a new service at my church called Seven30Seven

Music: Nine Inch Nails – 18 Ghosts II –

About The Video
This was a class project when I attended school at Full Sail. We had to use After Effects and make a 30 second ad using only still images. This was my first time using After Effects.

Music: The Crystal Method – Murder

(The contact information at the end of the video is no longer correct, please do not use it)